Hemp Sail is a farm and bulk wholesaler of hemp products. Our expertise is in organic farming, genetics development and downstream bulk processing – letting our consumer-facing partners manage the marketing of their products.

We pride ourselves on employing regenerative farming practices by making it our goal to use the entire plant. This means we sell everything from cannabinoid extracts, to foods, to fiber, and hurd. We are always looking for partners who share in our passion for organic farming and high quality hemp ingredients.



Cannabinoids are a class of molecules that interact with our endocannabinoid system to produce a variety of health benefits. While many plants have been found to possess cannabinoids, hemp has been recognized for millennia for possessing high concentrations and unique combinations of these compounds. Because of these cannabinoids, hemp has been used to treat dozens different of ailments and conditions. At Hemp Sail, we are working to breed better hemp that produces a blend of beneficial cannabinoids that help to promote health and wellness.


Our hemp foods come from the super nutritious hemp seed. Packed with nature’s perfect balance of protein, fiber, and omegas, hemp seeds are considered both a superfood and an ancient grain. We hull, press, and mill our hemp seeds to create a variety of food products – all of which have unique and beneficial attributes. Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil, and Hemp Protein do not contain cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc).

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